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Meaning of Names and Baby Names

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Most of us as parents or parents-to-be find it to be a very exciting, yet sometimes an extremely challenging process when deciding on a name for our child. Should we be concerned about the meaning of names? Exactly how should we go about choosing a name for our babies? What else should we be thinking about when choosing a name? Or perhaps heritage and racial background should be the emphasis? A Southerner might prefer to choose a typically southern American name. Or if you’re Latino, you could pick one which originates from the Spanish language. The same could be said of all ethnic or religious names – whether you’re American, British, African, Greek, Irish, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Arabic - or whether you’re Christian, Hebrew or Moslem – it’s perfectly understandable if you might prefer a name closer to your roots.

Besides placing a greater emphasis on the meaning of names which we select for our children, we might want to also consider the option of picking unique, rare or unusual names. Selecting an uncommon or less popular name does carry certain advantages – for starters, it will ensure that our kids stand out from the crowd. It’s true that many of today’s parents are choosing fancier names, rather than simply going with the most popular baby names, when choosing first names for their babies. Similarly, trendier middle names and last names are starting pop up across the modern world, many of them derived from variants of traditionally popular names. Or maybe you’re more conventional and would prefer to go with what you might find in the Top 100 baby names list, or even the Top 10 baby names list.

Whatever your preference, our authors have done their utmost to ensure that you are given all the information and options which you need to choose the perfect name. Each item in our database comes with a chart displaying popularity ranking over the past 100 years in the United States, and detailed explanations of the meaning of names, and other interesting information. We have carefully researched thousands upon thousands of choices, picking the most popular ones and meticulously categorizing them by language, style, and even the impression that a particular name creates in the minds of most people hearing it for the first time. Variations are flagged out separately to make your decision easier. You can also try our search tool which helps you perform quick searches - and we would strongly recommend using our special search filter to remove variants from your search results, filter results by language of origin, popularity or even the number of syllables.

Remember, the name you choose for your child will remain with him or her for a lifetime. It is your gift to your child. It's worth investing your time and energy in choosing one which truly comes from the heart. We sincerely hope that the process of choosing a name for your child will be truly exciting, inspiring and fun.
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