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1 December Brown Stephanie Brown Trafton athlete
1 December Candace Candace Bushnell writer
1 December Daire Daire Nolan dancer
1 December Golden Golden Ameda Brooks actress
1 December Jefferson Jefferson Caffery politician
1 December Lee Lee Buck Trevino golfer
1 December Martin Martin Rodbell biochemist
1 December Nestor Nestor Carbonell actor
1 December Noelia Noelle Bassi athlete
1 December Rex Rex Todhunter Stout writer
1 December Rhonda Rhonda Britten author
1 December Salvatore Salvatore Schillaci footballer
1 December Sarah Sarah Kate Silverman comedian
1 December Simeon Simeon Slavens Willis lawyer
1 December Stanton Stanton Thomas Barrett racer
1 December Volney Volney Rogers lawyer
2 December Amelia Amelia Penichet journalist
2 December Amos John Amos actor
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