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Famous babies born in February

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Meaning of Baby Boy Names
1 February Anissa Anissa Helou chef
1 February Clark Clark Gable actor
1 February Darian Darian Hagan athlete
1 February Dwayne Dwayne Rudolph Goettel musician
1 February Gaynell Gaynell Tinsley athlete
1 February Hattie Hattie Caraway politician
1 February Janiya Jani Lane artist
1 February Jimena Jimena Elías Roca media personality
1 February Kya Kaya Scodelario actress
1 February Linus Linus William Roache actor
1 February Sherilyn Sherilyn Fenn actress
1 February Sherlyn Sherilyn Fenn actress
1 February Sherman Sherman Hemsley actor
1 February Smith Smith Hempstone journalist
1 February Tawanna Tawanna P. Gaines politician
1 February Wendell Wendell Richard Anderson politician
1 February Yadira Yadira Geara Cury model
2 February Alice Alice Walker writer
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