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1 January Alpha Alpha Blondy singer
1 January Antoinette Antoinette Du Ligier de la Garde Deshoulières poet
1 January Basil Basil Dearden film director and producer
1 January Chesley Chesley Bonestell painter
1 January Denham Dixon Denham explorer
1 January Edgar Edgar Hoover law enforcement officer
1 January Jerilyn Jerilyn Britz athlete
1 January Lorenzo Lorenzo de' Medici politician
1 January Magdalene Magdalene Hsu-Li singer
1 January Myer Myer Galpern politician
1 January Neha Neha Sharma model
1 January Nitya Nitya Anand scientist
1 January Ouida Ouida novelist
1 January Pablo Pablo Cuevas athlete
1 January Vernon Vernon Lomax Smith economist
1 January Volney Volney Monroe Peters athlete
1 January Xavier Xavier Cugat musician
1 January Zena Zena Marshall actress
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