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Famous babies born in May

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Meaning of Baby Boy Names
1 May Addison Joseph Addison poet
1 May Baxter Wynne Edwin Baxter lawyer
1 May Caitlin Caitlin Jean Stasey actress
1 May Dorman Andy Dorman athlete
1 May Fidel Fidel Castro politician
1 May Glen Glen Ford actor
1 May Jerrell Jerrell Freeman athlete
1 May Joanna Joanna Lamond Lumley actress
1 May Kelvin Kelvin John Thomson politician
1 May Nadir Asil Nadir businessman
1 May Tabitha Tabitha Moffatt Brown emigrant
1 May Wilhelmina Wilhelmina Cooper model
2 May Aileen Aileen Riggin Soule athlete
2 May Alan Alan Fred Titchmarsh broadcaster
2 May Axel Axel Springer journalist
2 May Belinda Belinda Caroline Stronach politician
2 May Camden William Camden historian
2 May Darrow Paul Darrow actor
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