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1 November Dempster Nigel Richard Patton Dempster journalist
1 November Erastus Erastus Otis Haven bishop
1 November Hannah Hannah Höch artist
1 November Janelle Janelle Anne Saffin politician
1 November Larry Larry Claxton Flynt, Jr. publisher
1 November Lydia Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney poet
1 November Marcia Marcia Wallace actress
1 November Merritt William Merritt Chase painter
1 November Philip Philip John Noel-Baker politician
1 November Retta Retta Davidson animator
1 November Santos Santos Benavides colonel
1 November Sherwin Sherwin Legay Campbell athlete
1 November Spencer Spencer Perceval, politician
1 November Tillman Andre Tillman athlete
1 November Toni Toni Collette actress
2 November Amarion Amar Gopal Bose entrepreneur
2 November Amaya Carmen Amaya singer
2 November Corbin Corbin Lacina athlete
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