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Meaning of Amos

and the Origins of this baby nameMeaning of baby name Amos


The name Amos has the following meaning:

To carry. or "Hardworking." Also refers to a prophet of the Old Testament. A traditional name but today, has fresh appeal.
It is a male name, suitable for baby boys.


As a baby boy name, Amos is currently not a popular baby name in the USA.

The following chart shows the popularity of the name Amos in the USA, over the past 100 years.
USA baby name statistics


The name Amos is pronounced as ay-mus


Amos originates from the Hebrew language.

See other suggested Hebrew boy baby names.

Related names

The following names are baby names related to Amos and are suitable names for brothers and sisters of Amos: Boys - Amarion, Benjamin, Cohen, Dor, Harrell, Jame, Jeremiah, Johan, Judd, Lemuel, Nathaniel, Sampson, Samson, Tobias, Zackary, Zayden, Girls - Atha, Athalia, Migdalia, Sherilyn, Tamara, Both genders - Anna, Ariel, Betty, Dagan, Dagen, Dalit


Popular Variants for the name Amos: Amoss, Aymos, Aymoss


We think the name Amos should fall under the following style category: Biblical.

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Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Amos to be: An athletic person who prefers sports over books

In one word, you might describe Amos as a(n) "athletic" person.

See other "athletic" names for boys.

Faces of



Famous persons

The names of some famous persons by the name Amos (or its variants) are:

Wallace Wally Amos, born on 1 July, a famous actor. Wallace Wally Amos's background: An American actor and writer from Tallahassee, Florida. He is the founder of the 'Famous Amos' chocolate chip cookie brand. He later co-founded Uncle Wally's muffins. He is currently married to his wife of 30 years, Christine, and resides in Kailua, Hawaii where he runs the Chip & Cookie gourmet cookie brand and store. He has three sons and one daughter.

John Amos, born on 2 December, a famous actor. John Amos's background: An Emmy nominated and NAACP Image Award winning American actor and former football player. He is best known for his TV roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Good Times, his Emmy-nominated turn in the miniseries Roots, and a recurring role in The West Wing. He has also appeared on Broadway and in numerous motion pictures in a career that spans four decades

Tori Amos, born on 22 August, a famous pianist. Tori Amos's background: An American pianist and singer-songwriter. She is married to English sound engineer Mark Hawley. Together they have one child, Natashya 'Tash' Lórien Hawley, born on September 5, 2000. Amos was at the forefront of a number of female singer-songwriters in the early 1990s and was noteworthy early in her career as one of the few pop performers to use a piano as her primary instrument. She is known for emotionally intense songs that cover a wide range of subjects including sexuality, religion and personal tragedy. Some of her charting singles include 'Crucify', 'Silent All These Years', 'Cornflake Girl', 'Caught a Lite Sneeze', 'Professional Widow', 'Spark', and 'A Sorta Fairytale'. Amos had sold 12 million records worldwide as of 2005 and has also enjoyed a large cult following. Having a history of making eccentric and at times ribald comments during concerts and interviews, she has earned a reputation for being highly idiosyncratic. As a social commentator and sometimes activist, some
Andrew (5)
Anthony (12)
Alexander (16)
Angel (45)
Aaron (49)
Aidan (54)
Adam (60)
Adrian (69)
Ashton (128)
Alan (137)
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