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Meaning of Demi

and the Origins of this baby nameMeaning of baby name Demi


The name Demi has the following meaning:

"Petite". It is the short form of the name "Demetria". In Greek mythology, this is name of the goddess of fertility and harvest. Popularized by the famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore. Very popular particularly in Holland.
It is a female name, suitable for baby girls.


As a baby girl name, Demi is currently not a popular baby name in the USA.

The following chart shows the popularity of the name Demi in the USA, over the past 100 years.
USA baby name statistics


The name Demi is pronounced as deh-mee


Demi originates from the Greek language.

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Related names

The following names are baby names related to Demi and are suitable names for brothers and sisters of Demi: Boys - Anacletus, Cletus, Giles, Isidore, Linus, Timothy, Girls - Danfy, Delta, Desdemona, Iris, Karissa, Kira, Petra, Theodora, Theola, Both genders - Melissa


The name Demi is itself a variant of Demetria


We think the name Demi should fall under the following style category: Flamboyant and Fanciful.

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Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Demi to be: slender and sultry

In one word, you might describe Demi as a(n) "slender" person.

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Faces of



Famous persons

The names of some famous persons by the name Demi (or its variants) are:

Demi Moore, born on 11 November, a famous actress. Demi Moore's background: An American actress who established her career in films such as St. Elmo's Fire (1985) and Ghost (1990), and in the early 1990s became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood following her successes in A Few Good Men (1992), Indecent Proposal (1993) and Disclosure (1994). She also starred in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003).

Demi Moore, born on 11 November, a famous actress. Demi Moore's background: Known as Demi Moore, her real name is actually Demi Guynes Kutcher. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 to become an actress. Despite acting for some time, she only gained recognition when she acted as Jackie Templeton in soap opera General Hospital. Since then, she has starred in many shows. In the early 1990s, she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Demi Delia, born on 15 November, a famous actress. Demi Delia's background: An American actress. She was born in California and was raised in the San Fernando Valley area.

Demi Delia , born on 15 November, a famous model. Demi Delia 's background: Born in 1967, Delia is an American pornographic actress who has appeared in Playboy magazines since she became a Playboy model in 1992. She later on went on to become a swimsuit model, appearing in car and boat magazines.

Demi Lovato, born on 20 August, a famous actress. Demi Lovato's background: An American actress and singer-songwriter. She is best known for her role as Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel Original Movie 'Camp Rock and Sonny Munroe in Sonny With A Chance'. She is also a solo music artist and released her debut album 'Don't Forget' on September 23, 2008.

Demi Lovato, born on 20 August, a famous actress. Demi Lovato's background: Born in Dallas, Texas, seventeen-year-old Demetria Devonne Lovato is best known for her role as Mitchie Torres in Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock. Her acting career began at the age of seven on television series 'Barney & Friends'. Since then, she has never stopped acting, starring in films and movies and carving a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has also released a couple of music albums.
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