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Meaning of Matthew

and the Origins of this baby nameMeaning of baby name Matthew


The name Matthew has the following meaning:

One who is a gift from God. The name of one of the four sypnoptic gospels (ie: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).
This name can be given to both baby boys and girls. It is a unisex name.


As a baby boy name, Matthew is currently a popular baby name, with a recent overall USA popularity ranking of 4 out of 1000 (source: 2000s U.S. Census).

In 2009, the name Matthew fell in popularity and moved down the USA Top 1000 charts in Year 2009, by 3 places. For the Year 2009, it ranked 13 in the Top 1000 charts.

The following chart shows the popularity of the name Matthew in the USA, over the past 100 years.
USA baby name statistics


The name Matthew is pronounced as math-you


Matthew originates from the Hebrew language.

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Related names

The following names are baby names related to Matthew and are suitable names for brothers and sisters of Matthew: Boys - Abraham, Caleb, Elijah, Emmanuel, Gideon, Hyman, Jesus, Meir, Moses, Myer, Saul, Seth, Girls - Abigail, Dara, Datya, Both genders - Anna, Ariel, Betty, Dagan, Dagen, Dalit


Popular Variants for the name Matthew: Mads (Danish), Maitias (Irish Gaelic), Maitiu (Irish Gaelic), Mata (Scottish Gaelic), Matai, Matek, Mateu (Catalan), Mateus (Portuguese), Matfei, Matha (Scottish Gaelic), Mathe, Matheson, Mathew, Mathian, Mathias (Greek), Mathies (Danish), Mathieson, Matias, Matro, Mats (Swedish), Mattaus (German), Matthaeus, Matthaios, Matthaus, Mattheus, Matthews, Matthijs (Dutch), Mattia, Matvey, Matyas, Mayhew


Common nicknames for the name Matthew are: Matt


We think the name Matthew should fall under the following style category: Biblical.

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Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Matthew to be: Cute, strong and traditional chap

In one word, you might describe Matthew as a(n) "traditional" person.

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Faces of



Famous persons

The names of some famous persons by the name Matthew (or its variants) are:

Matthew Bunker Ridgway , born on 3 March, a famous military. Matthew Bunker Ridgway 's background: A United States Army general. He held several major commands and was most famous for salvaging the United Nations war effort in the Korean War.

Matthew David McConaughey , born on 4 November, a famous actor. Matthew David McConaughey 's background: An American actor. After a series of minor roles in the early 1990s (including his breakout role in Dazed and Confused, director Richard Linklater's second feature film), he appeared in films such as A Time to Kill (1996), Contact (1997), U-571 (2000) and We Are Marshall (2007). He also played the leading man in several romantic comedies, including The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Failure to Launch (2006), and Fool's Gold (2008).

Matthew Calbraith Perry, born on 10 April, a famous military. Matthew Calbraith Perry's background: The Commodore of the U.S. Navy who compelled the opening of Japan to the West with the Convention of Kanagawa in 1854.
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