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Meaning of Mintie

and the Origins of this baby nameMeaning of baby name Mintie


The name Mintie has the following meaning:

A protector of the mint plant. A short form of Araminta.
It is a female name, suitable for baby girls.


As a baby girl name, Mintie is currently not a popular baby name in the USA.

The following chart shows the popularity of the name Mintie in the USA, over the past 100 years.
USA baby name statistics


The name Mintie is pronounced as min-tee


Mintie originates from the Greek language.

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Related names

The following names are baby names related to Mintie and are suitable names for brothers and sisters of Mintie: Boys - Adonis, Gregory, Girls - Alexandra, Amara, Cynthia, Diantha, Euphemia, Genie, Kaia, Kandi, Kyra, Lexie, Liddie, Nereida, Nerissa, Ova, Phoebe, Teri, Both genders - Calandra


Popular Variants for the name Mintie: Minta


We think the name Mintie should fall under the following style category: The 70's.

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Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Mintie to be: A funny and sexy woman

In one word, you might describe Mintie as a(n) "sexy" person.

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