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Meaning of Nicholas

and the Origins of this baby nameMeaning of baby name Nicholas


The name Nicholas has the following meaning:

One who is victorious. Derived from Greek "nike" (goddess of victory) and "laos" (people).
It is a male name, suitable for baby boys.


As a baby boy name, Nicholas is currently a popular baby name, with a recent overall USA popularity ranking of 10 out of 1000 (source: 2000s U.S. Census).

In 2009, the name Nicholas fell in popularity and moved down the USA Top 1000 charts in Year 2009, by 3 places. For the Year 2009, it ranked 32 in the Top 1000 charts.

The following chart shows the popularity of the name Nicholas in the USA, over the past 100 years.
USA baby name statistics


The name Nicholas is pronounced as nik-oll-ass


Nicholas originates from the Greek language.

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Related names

The following names are baby names related to Nicholas and are suitable names for brothers and sisters of Nicholas: Boys - Cole, Dard, Jerome, Julian, Narcisse, Nico, Stephen, Girls - Andria, Damalis, Damans, Damia, Damiana, Effa, Eudora, Eugenia, Iphigeneia, Kristine, Marlys, Narcissa, Both genders - Agnes, Beryl


Popular Variants for the name Nicholas: Colas (French), Cole, Collin (French), Klaus (German), Kolya (Russian), Lasse (Finnish), Launo (Finnish), Miklos (Hungarian), Mikolaj (Polish), Mikolas (Czech), Milosz (Polish), Neacal (Gaelic), Nic, Niccolas, Nichalas, Nichelas, Nick (English), Nickolas (English), Nicol (Scottish), Nicolae (Hungarian), Nicolai (Russian), Nicolas (French), Nicolau (Portuguese), Nicolaus (German), Niilo (Finnish), Nikita (Russian), Niklas (Scandinavian), Niklaus (German), Niko (Greek), Nikolao (Hawaiian), Nikolaos (Greek), Nikolas (Greek), Nikolos (Greek), Nikos (Greek), Nioclas (Irish), Niocol (Irish)


Common nicknames for the name Nicholas are: Nick, Cole, Nico


We think the name Nicholas should fall under the following style category: Catholic.

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Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Nicholas to be: Jolly and generous

In one word, you might describe Nicholas as a(n) "generous" person.

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Faces of



Famous persons

The names of some famous persons by the name Nicholas (or its variants) are:

Nicholas Murray Butler, born on 2 April, a famous philosopher. Nicholas Murray Butler's background: An American philosopher, diplomat, and educator. Butler was president of Columbia University, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and received the Nobel Peace Prize. He became so well-known and respected that The New York Times printed his Christmas greeting to the nation every year.

Nicholas Frederick Brady , born on 11 April, a famous politician. Nicholas Frederick Brady 's background: United States Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, and is also known for articulating the Brady Plan in March 1989.

Nicholas Brendon , born on 12 April, a famous actor. Nicholas Brendon 's background: (born April 12, 1971, as Nicholas Brendon Schultz in Los Angeles, California), is an actor best known for his character Xander Harris in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (19972003).
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Noah (28)
Nathaniel (63)
Nolan (170)
Nelson (428)
Noel (445)
Nathanael (449)
Noe (456)
Nasir (470)
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