Meaning of Cait
Irish Gaelic
Form of Kate, which is derived from Catherine, meaning "pure".
Meaning of Eibhlin
Irish Gaelic
Life in the Hebrew language. More popular in the form of "Eva" in the mi...
Meaning of Nainsi
Irish Gaelic
One who is graced with God's favor. Derived from the name Ann.
Meaning of Padraigin
Irish Gaelic
One who is noble.
Meaning of Searlait
Irish Gaelic
One who is little and womanly. Somewhat related to the male name Charles...
Meaning of Seosaimhin
Irish Gaelic
God will add or "Jehovah increases". Femine form of Joseph. A sophistica...
Meaning of Sibeal
Irish Gaelic
An original name but is unfortunately unpopular.
Meaning of Gearoidin
Irish Gaelic
Female form of the name "Gerald" meaning "Spear, ruler", or "one who rul...
Meaning of Maible
Irish Gaelic
Lovable, adorable. It also has the same meaning in Latin and English.
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